2nd Prize @ 2011 Stanford B.A.S.E.S.

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Who we are

Access Solar provides a solar cooking solution for sunny, fuel-scarce areas to fight extreme poverty, preventable diseases, and environmental degradation.

What we do

Access Solar (1) designs and implements an inexpensive, clean, solar technology; and (2)  consults on creative, portable, and effective ways to connect with solar power to provide low-cost, low-impact energy for cooking and hot water.

What’s next

Access Solar will continue  field-testing it’s prototype CookSack2 solar oven in Kenya and Botswana during the fall of 2011. In doing so, we hope to gain insights to the cooking and fuel needs of village residents.  We hope to learn if community members might benefit from a simple and portable device that uses solar energy to cook light foods, heat and pasteurize water.



Access to CookSack2 and its widespread implementation will reduce firewood usage. Freeing people from some of the time-intensive labor of collecting firewood, will provide them the opportunity to search for jobs and pursue an education. Furthermore, the CookSack2 will improve health and safety by less contact with smoke and soot. During the hot and sunny season’s of the year, solar cooking reduces the fuel needs of residents.  Less wood burning will  improve air quality locally, as well as downwind.

Download our latest Newsletter from Sunday, October 16, 2011 (PDF, 316KB)

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