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Frequently Asked Questions

"How long does it take to boil water?"


On a good, sunny day, it will take approximately 1-1/2 hours. By setting up your CookSack first, before setting up your campsite, you will have hot water before you know it! Remember, it can be left unattended while you do other things, as there is no flame.

“Are you serious? Would it really take an hour to fix a hot meal with CookSack?”


Yes, we are serious - because reducing our dependence on toxic, non-renewable fuel resources is serious. Here are a few hints to make the process easier. When you arrive at camp, set up your CookSack first. Then continue with your usual routine of setting up tents and bags. By the time you have finished, your water will already be quite warm. If you are seeing some steam inside, you can safely add your dehydrated food or use the water for cleaning up. And remember, there is no need to watch over the CookSack as it is working. There is no danger of fire or burnt food.

"Can I use my pot with the CookSack?"


We don't recommend using a pot other than our Kettleblack. Most campwear is shiny or metallic and this will reflect the heat away from your pot. We have had a special heat absorbing coating put on our pot to maximize the heat absorption. The inside is coated with a durable non-stick coating. The cup-style handles are also very important, as removing very hot water with another type of handle could be dangerous.

“Will the CookSack pot work with my fuel stove?”


Yes, and also with a small campfire, if needed. We recommend taking the CookSack Kettleblack pot to use as your main pot. That way, the rest of the kit weighs less than an empty fuel bottle and will save what fuel you did bring for bad weather or nighttime use.

“What happens if there is no sun?”


In order for the CookSack to work, you need sun. It will work with high, thin clouds or in partly cloudy weather, but it will take longer to reach the desired temperature.

“What care must be taken to insure useful product life?”


The CookSack balloon must be dry before storing away. The camper may take the string and the clips provided and hang the CookSack to dry on a clothesline, open side up. Care should also be taken to minimize scratches to the mirrored surface by smoothing the ground beneath the CookSack and folding it carefully after it is dry, rather that crunching it up.

“How do I know when my water is hot?”


When the water in your Kettleblack pot approaches the boiling point, the CookSack will steam up on the inside. At this point, the water will not get much hotter, but the greenhouse effect will hold the heat for quite some time.

“Will the CookSack make my water safe for drinking?”


We generally recommend using filtered water from a creek or lake, but, if unavailable, the CookSack is capable of pasteurizing your water. Pasteurization is reached at 150 F. This usually takes about 90 minutes.

“Can the CookSack preheat my water that I am boiling on my fuel stove?”


Yes, absolutely! The CookSack was first invented with this in mind, in order to conserve fuel. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the water got hot enough that we didn’t need the fuel stove at all during sunny weather.

"How much does it weigh and what is the approximate size?"


The total weight of all the parts is 11.5 oz. or 326 gm. When packed, it is 6.75”/173mm in diameter x 4.2”/107mm high.

“Why is the CookSack unique compared to other backpacking stoves on the market?”


CookSack provides a welcome alternative to total reliance on fossil fuels or campfires, previously the only choices for wilderness cooking. Its lightweight, flexible, parabolic reflecting oven heats water for pasteurization and meal preparation. The solar process facilitates unattended use allowing the backpacker much greater freedom. This compact, sun-powered cooking system, which nests within its own heat-absorbing kettle, allows the user to save their fuel “for a rainy day.”

“Should I add a CookSack to my emergency preparedness kit?”


Most definitely! It is small, lightweight and has unlimited storage life.

Have more questions that we haven’t answered here? Please contact us with your questions and we will try to get you an answer as quickly as possible.

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