Who We Are

What We Do

Soltac is a company intent on delivering value to our customers in the form of devices and services that capture free resources and that leverage existing and developing technologies to intelligently sustain nonrenewable energy.

Our Business History

We are an environmentally responsible business. Our name, Soltac, literally means "sun equipment." We are developing systems to enhance the quality of individual lives using the free and nontoxic energy of the sun. While the company was founded in 2000, we have been designing and building sustainable products, buildings and projects for over 30 years.

About Our Team

Jon, O’Malley, Jacob and Sadie Stoumen, our founders, have developed and sharpened their sense of environmental responsibility over many years of enjoying and preserving the fragile resources that sustain us. Avid outdoor enthusiasts and backpackers, they have been utilizing the sun's energy in their personal lives for years. Additionally, Jon, an accomplished and successful Architect in Northern California, has been designing solar solutions for more than twenty years. Putting their personal passion together with their expertise and current technologies has produced their first commercially available product - an award-winning, inflatable solar oven.

Jeff Smith, VP of Business Development and Finance. CEO of his own management company, which has provided fundraising, business development and management consulting services for numerous software and service companies and non-profit organizations.

Gireesh Shrimali, Advisory Team. Gireesh is an Assistant Professor at the Indian School of Business. His research interests lie in the areas of energy and environment economics and policy instruments for promoting renewable technologies. He is currently involved in an industry-wide survey in India to create a sector-wise greenhouse gas (GHG) ranking standard, and to identify best practices for better GHG management. He holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University.

What Makes Us Who We Are

At Soltac, we are lovers of nature and the outdoors. We seek to live in harmony and balance with our environment and our planet. We endeavor to place as little burden as possible upon the bounty and beauty of nature. We strive to capture the resources freely available to us all and put them to use to reduce reliance upon non-renewable resources. We value our nonrenewable energy resources and intend to reduce the current trend of depletion, worldwide. We value our time with family and friends, and have created a business model to include and enhance these relations. We value honest, open relations with customers, suppliers and partners. We value the strength of diversity in experience and beliefs. We value having our contributions recognized and appreciated.

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